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The customizable interactive badge is an integral part of OFFZONE. With it, you can participate in activities and earn offcoin points
At the registration desk, you will receive a badge in exchange for your ticket. A specially designed printed circuit board with your name on it, this badge also serves as your personal offcoin wallet
What are offcoins?
These are game points, which you can earn for participating in activities. Kick back, have fun, score offcoins, and get cool merch!
How to spend offcoins?
Exchange your points for OFFZONE merch—we have put in so much effort into making it super stylish so that everyone and their mother show you respect. The most active participants are in for a big surprise
Where can I see my offcoin balance?
Offcoins are credited to your badge. Check the balance at a special terminal—you will find it as soon as you enter the conference venue
Can I share my offcoins with a friend?
No.. The offcoins you earn are yours and yours only, they cannot be passed on to other participants
Is it possible to lose offcoins?
Yes. If you violate the rules of an activity, your badge balance will be reset and your badge will be blocked.
Remember: by participating in OFFZONE 2023 activities, you automatically agree to their rules, which you can learn on the spot
Badge design
Before exploring the conference, make sure that your badge works. Insert the batteries and toggle the switch to the ON position. The LEDs on the badge should light up.
If something is wrong, come to us at Craft.Zone and we’ll help you figure it out
Badge features
Each badge is equipped with a radio module capable of contactless data sharing. Why? Take a walk through the conference zones to find out
There will be a total of 3 slots for add‑ons.
You can get them in one of the following ways:
Collect them in partner activities
Assemble them at Craft.Zone
Make them according to the instructions
The contestants sent us add‑on designs throughout June. We chose the winners and manufactured their designs. You can get an add‑on like this at Craft.Zone
Mmm, cookies...
Well, you know the drill