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Report slots for Hardware.Zone remaining!

Have you spent the last while researching the security of some hardware and electronics but haven’t had the opportunity to tell the world? Don’t miss your chance to do it 2021 year at OFFZONE 2021!

We invite all hardware buffs to appear in front of an audience at the OFFZONE Conference with:

  • a lecture on hardware security;
  • a masterclass at the Hardware.Zone.

We are equally excited to welcome experienced specialists as well as beginner enthusiasts. All applications may be sent to us at

Not sure if your topic fits the vibe? Have a look at the Hardware.Zone reports from previous years 2019 and 2018, or just write to us at

CFP guidelines

  • Please apply directly, no PR or representatives are to submit on your behalf.
  • Your submission should contain everything that can be used in research evaluation. Demos, white papers and PoC are most welcome.
  • No product or vendor advertisements.
  • Organisers do not reimburse travel expenses and accommodation.